Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Maximize Your Employee Benefits by Upgrading to a Gratitude Plan

One of the greatest impacts an employer can have on their employees is to help them create long-term financial stability. A powerful way to do this is through a high quality retirement program.

With an excellent retirement plan, employees feel respected, cared for and appreciated. This in turn creates gratitude toward you, their employer. This feeling of gratitude has proven to increase employee loyalty, attendance, creativity and reliability -  we call this a Gratitude Plan.

The Gratitude Plan concept has arisen out of our own research and is also grounded in examination of over 40 years of data within 401(k) and 403(b) plans. Our analysis has revealed that much of what is “sold” today in employer plans is not consistent with the recommended research data and in fact could be harming your employees’ chances for retirement success.  

As advocates for the plan sponsor and employees, we are zealous about applying our BCM Fiduciary SystemTM to the design of plans independent from what the “retirement industry” is selling today. We are passionate about identifying specific features that can be chosen and perfected in 401(k) and 403(b) design that are valuable for your employees, and will create a superior plan for their benefit. These concepts are further described in the book, Fiduciary Wisdom; Managing Retirement Plans written by BCM Wealth’s founder and president, G. David Biddle.

We believe this Gratitude Plan concept needs to be the next innovation in employer sponsored retirement plans, finally making plan decisions that are in the best interest of the participants and putting them in the best position to be successful.

How does your current plan stack up against a Gratitude Plan? A simple inspection can tell us:

The Retirement Plan X-RayTM

We look forward to talking with you about a Gratitude Plan and discussing the positive impact it can have on your company.


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