Non-Profit Endowment Management

We Help You Manage Your Assets to Support Operations + Development

Trustees who are responsible for endowment management carry a heavy responsibility. They know that the management of an endowment is critical in supporting the mission of their institution, but often the endowment is viewed as an income source separate from the operations of the organization.

Board turnover and changes in finance committee members’ skill sets can also place a unique burden on Trustees overseeing endowments as individual opinions and competencies shift. Further, regulations and governmental requirements affecting your institution making the right decisions can be daunting for even the most dedicated board members.

At BCM Wealth Management, we have decades of experience as endowment managers and as board members of non-profits ourselves, we understand the intricacies of non-profit operations and governance.

Utilizing our BCM Fiduciary Systemtm, our team of advisors are here to ease your burden by providing integrated management of your endowment that supports your history and mission. We help you to incorporate endowment management amidst all of your operations, from financial support through development.

We provide investment consulting services to institutional clients nationwide. Reach out to us to talk about your endowment.

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