Wealth Management

You work hard to realize your retirement dreams, and with the right planning and assistance they are within your reach.

As experienced advisors we offer services from an independent perspective. We work only for our clients, NOT for an insurance company or other financial institution and we are NOT brokers.

Our Wealth Management service is a comprehensive and holistic process.

We have listed a few of the tools we use to help clients reach their goals and dreams.

Investment Management

The investment management system developed at BCM, over the last 20 years, is based upon the due diligence requirements for ERISA (Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974) governed employer sponsored retirement plans. The ERISA fiduciary standards for investment selection are far more comprehensive and stringent than the requirements for recommending investments to individual investors. Because half of BCM’s clients are retirement plans we can extend this stringent process and apply those higher standards to the investment selection process for our individual clients. The result is a focus towards a positive risk reward profile and prudence of your investment management.

The BCM investment process is also supported by the prestigious CEFEX (Center for Fiduciary Excellence) designation that BCM was awarded in 2020 for the management of retirement plan investments.

Estate Counseling

Our process is designed to help you maintain control of your assets throughout your lifetime; when you are healthy and able to make legal decisions, if you should become disabled, and ultimately, final wealth transfer to other generations.

Asset Protection Planning

Our services are designed to look at your total financial picture and identify areas of possible liability exposure.

Account Aggregation

The Keystone of Wealth Management- This process compiles your personal account information to assist you in organizing and helping us as your wealth managers to view your managed and non-managed assets—identifying any areas that may need attention.

Retirement Management

BCM Retirement Solutions is one of a new breed of ERISA-savvy co-fiduciary retirement plan advisors. Services we provide to our clients go well beyond the typical "pre packaged" offerings of advisors who don't make retirement plans the focus of their business.

Fiduciary Services

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Initial Investment Menu Development
  • Investment Menu Monitoring
  • Investment Menu Replacement
  • Model Allocation Portfolios
  • Participant Education

Plan Investment Management

BCM will manage the process of evaluating all of your investment choices in your plan using retirement plan specific independent databases covering tens of thousands of funds, separate accounts and ETFs in accordance with your plan's Investment Policy Statement.

Vendor Agreements

BCM can review your current plan and to determine your true cost and help to determine if the costs are reasonable. The first step is to fully understand what you are currently paying. Plan sponsors must dig deep into the investment fees and revenue sharing arrangements to fully understand the plan fees.

Non-Fiduciary Services

  • Development of Plan Governance Systems
  • Fee Disclosure 408(b)2 (Sponsor and Participant)
  • Identification of Vendors
  • Documentation - Fiduciary Vault

The Retirement Plan X-Ray

To help identify what needs to be done next, BCM has developed an independent fiduciary-based review process– the Retirement Plan X-Ray. This service is much more than a survey; it is the beginning of an ongoing process. First, a set of questions is answered about your plan operations. Then a copy of your investment menu and balances as well as your investment policy statement are submitted for review.

Learn More about Fiduciary Wisdom

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